Creative Maths Enrichment

is a licensed enrichment programme managed by us that uses Maths Magic to develop students’ creative problem solving skills, interest towards Mathematics, mathematical thinking and creativity!

Based on the pedagogy of Creative Maths, we have designed Quick Thinkers  Programme for Schools.

Quick Thinkers Programme (QTP)

This is a pro-curriculum programme that supports MOE’s objectives in Mathematics Education. The programme aims to:

  • strengthen students’ mathematical thinking
  • develop sound problem solving capability
  • nurture creativity through interesting mathematical applications.

Students who go through our programme will be introduced to many fun and creative mathematical activities in the form of magic, card tricks, puzzles, paper craft, projects and games.

Creative Maths Programme can be designed for:

Learning Framework to build up the 5 key abilities of our Quick Thinkers

QTP is a two months fast track programme made up of 8 weekly sessions of 1 hour each. We will suggest that the school considers this programme to be conducted during the double Maths periods. However, the programme can also be customised according to school’s timetable and requirements. In each lesson, 3-4 interesting maths-based activities which can be in the form of magic, games, puzzles, projects, etc, will be introduced to the students with the objective of building up the 5 key abilities listed above. Students will be engaged in intensive mathematical thinking and hands-on experiences in a fun way.

For schools that are able to commit a minimum of 400 students for this programme, we will also tie in complimentary Maths Corners for the school which promises three rounds of different but pro-curriculum fun activities to engage students off lesson during the 2 months’ period to further complement students’ learning in this programme. What’s best is that the school gets to keep all these items after the completion of the programme!

To find out more on how this programme can be customised for your students, call 6282 8369.

Creative Maths is also run as a public weekly enrichment programme during weekends. For more information, please visit